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Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm

Digital Home Summit

Creating comms-centric propositions for high value segments of the Digital Home market?

Photographs from the March 2007 Industry Brainstorm


Unique 'Mindshare'™ Format:

Part of the 3rd Telco 2.0™ Executive Brainstorm, this Summit builds on the issues raised at the last event on 28th March in London. This time we will look at the intersection of eHealth solutions with the Digital Home market. Why? See here.


The Digital Home market is far, far bigger than just phones, TV and Home Entertainment over new pipes. Connecting it all up creates far greater added value. The emerging maturity of a large number of core technologies presents a huge potential opportunity for Telcos, especially in their ability to provide platforms for themselves and others. However, it is difficult to know where to start in this market.

Feedback from previous events:

An exceptional event. COO, Major Operator

Much more interactive than any event I’ve attended before. Senior Vice President, Major Service Provider

Very stimulating after all those "get-me-out-of-here-fast" conferences. CTO, Major Operator

This Summit will focus on an important and growing market niche - the 'Seniors' segment - and look at what specific propositions could be created for it, as a template for wider penetration of the market. Consumers aged 55 and over will grow by 60 percent in the next 15 years, whereas the under-50 age group will remain stable. This provides a good market to develop propositions for, that can attract government support to reduce healthcare costs and increase quality of life.

The aim is to generate new, practical and industry scaleable propositions that leverages latent telco assets to address a critical unmet user need in this high value market sub-segment, with a view to applying the lessons more broadly as well. We will look specifically at eHealth solutions in the Digital Home. More


We will follow STL Partners' facilitated 'Mindshare' brainstorming process based on a Telco 2.0™ business model framework. This includes specially briefed stimulus presentations and interactive collaborative technology.

['Mindshare'] is excellent... more intimate than the larger shows, an opportunity to have a real conversation with the audience. Vice President, Major Media Company


Desk research from STL Partners; Preparation of Business Model Framework; Preparation of 1 sample value Proposition; Recruitment of Stimulus Speakers from across the value chain.


Potential new scaleable comms-centric proposition and implementation approach for this market segment; a process template that can be used for other segments.


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Note: We will be presenting results of new Telco 2.0™ research. See also Telco 2.0™ Blog for latest market analysis.


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